We chose to name our studio Adágio Images partly because we liked the way it sounded; but more importantly, because "adagio" truly describes the style we strive to achieve through our work. The word "adagio" comes from the Latin words Ad+Agio, literally meaning "at ease." In music it refers to a slow and flowing piece (for example Barber's "Adagio for Strings"). In ballet, adagio is slow, enfolding movements performed with fluidity and grace, demonstrating great control.

We strive, through our art, to capture those moments when our subject are most at ease. We endeavor to capture fluidity, grace, flowing and enfolding movements, and control.

Of course, we also like to have fun. :-) We make sure that your session is enjoyable and we take the time to build the rapport necessary to capture you at your best. We think of our clients as friends and enjoy spending time with them.

We specialize in outdoor and location photography using and enhancing natural light. We love the opportunity to create unique images by involving our subjects in the ever-changing environment of their location.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, our principal photographer, Bryan Pocock, started his photo career overseeing slideshow productions for the assemblies at his high school (including developing his own slide film). He's been shooting ever since. He was fortunate enough to receive some great early training -- his photo teacher went on to be a principle photographer at the top photo studio in Salt Lake City where he is one of 4 master photographers on their staff.

Bryan is fairly multifaceted with experience working in telecommunications, sales, business development, journalism, international management, and non-profit management. He holds a bachelors degree in international business and marketing as well as a JD/MBA. He has lived and worked in various parts of the US as well as four years in Brazil and has done business throughout Latin America. Bryan is fluent in Portuguese, conversant in Spanish, and loves to travel to new and exotic places.